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The dining room is a social space, for sharing special moments and everyday life.Tables and chairs in unexpected designs furnish the room with lightness, giving weight to the emotions that fill them with life. Functional, surprising sideboards complete the Dining Room collection: a storage classic reinterpreted for contemporary life.



tavolo rotondo in xglass
tavolo legno wildwood
tavolo elegante piano rettangolare
tavolo elegante piano ellittico
tavolo rotondo xglass janeiro
tavolo simmetrico legno e vetro
tavolo quadrato allungabile

Air Table

The suspended Air table seems to float in the air, thanks to its glass legs. Perfect in the kitchen, living, office and children’s room.

U Table

Resting on a sculptured metal base, U Table has essential refined lines.

Wadi Table

A clean cut divides the elliptical base of the table in two, creating a contrast with the slim, light top, which comes in three different shapes.

Meet Table

This modern table plays with the equilibrium between the light top and solid base made up of two symmetrical, sculptural elements that meet at one single point.

Janeiro Table

Refined lines on a solid-looking, no-frills base: Janeiro is a sculptured table with a surprisingly resistant thin top.

Loto Table

An extendable table that opens out like a flower. With the leaves, it expands from four places to eight.

P&J Table

A table with essential design and a single fluid harmonious line that enhances its sense of lightness.

Stratum Table

The Stratum table overcomes the limitations of materials, bringing a touch of unique design to the kitchen, dining room or living room.

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sedie di design
sedia moderna
sedia design da soggiorno
sedie di design

Dangla Chair

A chair for the living room or office that can be customised with a choice of covers: textured, smooth or with a zip.

Ermes Chair

Ermes is a chair with a thousand combinations, adaptable to any personality.

Pletra Chair

An upholstered chair with a modern design that gives comfort and allows a great customisation of fabrics.

Woop Chair

Woop can be covered in any kind of LAGO fabric, leather, eco-leather or velvet, making this chair the perfect match for a wide range of interiors and tables.

Steps Chair and Stool

A design chair made of felt and aluminium. Recyclable and lightweight, for the kitchen, living room or study.

Joynt Chair

The chair back flexes backwards: the Joynt chair brings ergonomics to the office, but also to the home.

Air Wildwood Bench

A Wildwood bench, suspended on glass legs, for furnishing cafés, kitchens and bathrooms.


A design bench that shapes itself to the weight of the body; a comfortable seat for public and private settings.

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configuratore madie
madia in vetro fume
madia moderna in xglass
madia sospesa
mobili in vetro
madia moderna nera
mobile con ante in vetro colorato
madia classica
madia sospesa elegante
configuratore madie

36e8 Sideboard

Originally designed sideboards you can adapt to suit any context or interior design style.

36e8 Glass Sideboard

A glass sideboard created as an evolution of the 36e8 model, alternating clear-glass storage units with elegant storage compartments.

Materia Sideboard

Materia sideboard is a glass monolith with highly refined volumes, ideal for enhancing any living- or dining-room with natural elements.

N.O.W. Sideboard

Sideboards, wall units and storage units: glass furniture featuring vertical panels and a patented opening offers storage solutions for every area of the home.

Air Sideboard

Thanks to its modern lines, the Air sideboard furnishes the kitchen and dining
room with lightness and style.

Plenum Sideboard

The Plenum sideboard a the storage unit with different material effects, ideal for giving a nice touch of design to the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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Glass Mirror

A wall mirror creating see-through effects within an elegant glass frame.

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TV units

TV units

mobile tv 36e8
mobile tv moderno in legno e vetro
mobile tv moderno elegante in vetro trasparente
mobile tv 36e8

36e8 TV units

36e8 TV units: infinite modular, lightweight compositions

Materia TV Units

A glass monolith becomes an extremely functional TV unit, customisable in size and finish.

36e8 Glass Tv Unit

A modern TV unit built for your every storage and display needs.

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consolle ingresso elegante marrone
consolle moderna in legno e vetro
consolle ingresso xglass marrone
consolle ingresso marrone gambe in vetro
consolle ingresso elegante marrone

36e8 Console

Wall-mounted, practical storage space solutions to complete the interior design of an entrance or living room with a unique piece of furniture.

36e8 Glass Console

The 36e8 Glass console unit is wall-mounted and features elegant glass storage space.

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