tavolo in legno sospeso

tavolo rotondo in xglass

tavolo legno wildwood

tavolo elegante rettangolare soggiorno

tavolo moderno soggiorno

tavolo rotondo xglass janeiro

tavolo simmetrico legno e vetro

tavolo quadrato allungabile


Tables for the kitchen, dining room or living room

Round, square, extendible, suspended: LAGO’s design-driven tables furnish rooms with elegance and lightness. Tables that float in the air, surprise with unexpected ergonomics and open up like a flower to welcome guests: a unique encounter between materials and forms for sharing everyday life.

Air Table

The suspended Air table seems to float in the air, thanks to its glass legs. Perfect in the kitchen, living, office and children’s room.

Extendable Air Table

Thanks to the leaves, this wooden table can be extended to accommodate up to four extra friends.

Air Round Table

A round table that floats in mid-air with invisible legs and sinuous lines, creating just the right atmosphere for a friendly chat in the living room and in the kitchen.

U Table

Resting on a sculptured metal base, U Table has essential refined lines.

Wadi Table

A clean cut divides the elliptical base of the table in two, creating a contrast with the slim, light top, which comes in three different shapes.

Meet Table

This modern table plays with the equilibrium between the light top and solid base made up of two symmetrical, sculptural elements that meet at one single point.

Janeiro Table

Refined lines on a solid-looking, no-frills base: Janeiro is a sculptured table with a surprisingly resistant thin top.

Loto Table

An extendable table that opens out like a flower. With the leaves, it expands from four places to eight.

P&J Table

A table with essential design and a single fluid harmonious line that enhances its sense of lightness.

Stratum Table

The Stratum table overcomes the limitations of materials, bringing a touch of unique design to the kitchen, dining room or living room.