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Kitchens is the new collection by LAGO, all about solid simple shapes

November 2019

November 2019

This Italian furnishing brand presents its new kitchen models, designed for today's homes and made with natural eco-friendly materials.

This Italian furnishing brand presents its new kitchen models, designed for today's homes and made with natural eco-friendly materials.

Essential lines, modularity and architectural mimicry: these are the keywords in the story of Kitchens, the new collection designed and produced by LAGO, the Italian design brand that once again confirms its vocation for the manufacture of furnishings for all the rooms in the home. Conceived on the drawing board of Daniele Lago and his team, development of these new kitchens is based on the square 36e8 module. They are made with natural materials selected to last, like Wildwood oak and XGlass, and have been thought up for the creation of contemporary modular interiors.

Tailored to be person-centric, these new kitchen layouts are made to measure for those who use them and built to last in time. For this reason, LAGO has chosen to focus on technical details, optimising opening and sliding systems to make intensive use of the kitchen easier. From new sliding baskets, to the introduction of a range of technical base units for household appliances, via the Tech door with its aluminium edging that guarantees high resistance to knocks and vibration and Flapp handle, with its new unobtrusive line, designed thanks to LAGO technological development for a clean-cut minimal overall look. There are also new worktops: in Fenix, particularly suitable for use in the kitchen thanks to its hygienic and antistatic properties and available in 6 different colour options, in Laminglass, embellished with a highly resistant glass edge, and Fusion, which allows plenty of choice regarding contrasting volumes and materials.

The Kitchens collection comes in five new lines: 36e8 Metal XGlass, 36e8 Marble XGlass, 36e8 Wood XGlass, 36e8 Wildwood XGlass, and 36e8 Fenix. Customisable in 150 materials and finishes, they can be coordinated with 11 pantries and are based on the iconic 36e8 modular system, characterised by architectonic elements that can be broken down and adapted to any space and style, fitting in perfectly with living areas. Used for both worktops and hanging units and lightened by suspended bases, it allows for innovative integration of household appliances, from wine storage units to refrigerators, which fit beautifully into these square modules. The 36e8 base units can also be used alongside base units with different depths, creating original volumetric effects and providing bigger capacity storage systems that make the most of all the available space.

Always attentive to details, LAGO has made these new kitchens functional and efficient, equipping them with numerous accessories designed to help those who use them every day. Cutlery holders and bottoms with non-slip profiles organise space and hold utensils, pots and pans, shaping interiors and adding new value to the kitchen. All the hanging units are lacquered inside and joined at 45° with aluminium filigree, lending the kitchen the formal beauty of a living room, allowing the different rooms in the home to intersect for a free-flowing living space.

36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen

Featuring metal surfaces that give the kitchen a contemporary solid feel, the 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen is covered with an XGlass finish that uses digital printing to reproduce the metallic glints of gold, silver and bronze on the glass. Highly resistant, it guarantees durability and lends lightness to the composition, reducing the energy consumption that metal would require and thus lowering environmental impact in everyday actions.

36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen

Blocks of glass that copy the veining of marble, lightened by being suspended, bring alive an elegant sophisticated kitchen: 36e8 Marble XGlass combines resistance with the emotion aroused by natural materials thanks to the digital transfer of marble onto glass, all with a view to sustainability and safeguarding the planet’s resources. It can be chosen in a polished or matt finish to make sure it fits in beautifully with the interior decor.

36e8 Wood XGlass Kitchen

Thanks to digital technology, powerful centuries-old wood grain comes alive on worktops and fronts of the 36e8 Wood XGlass kitchen, and continues across the various elements in the room, increasing its resistance to wear and tear and guaranteeing easier cleaning thanks to the physical properties of glass.

36e8 Wildwood XGlass Kitchen

Prestigious trunks of one-hundred-year-old oak, worked by craftsmen, define the volumes of a warm, welcoming kitchen: 36e8 Wildwood XGlass is enhanced by wood resistant to wear and tear and liquids thanks to heat treatment that preserves its beauty over time, offering a tactile and emotional journey thanks to 3D graining. The solid wood worktop is lightened by a 4 mm thick layer of fine wood rendered functional by integration with aluminium profiles and invisible handles.

36e8 Fenix Kitchen

An elegant, very resistant material that covers the hanging units and worktop in this kitchen: matt and deep in colour, Fenix has a soft surface that creates a pleasant tactile sensation. Its nanotechnological structure makes it highly resistant to scratches and abrasion, increasing its hygienic and antistatic characteristics.

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