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  • At the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2014, LAGO is rewriting the meaning of places, opening them up to sociality and sharing

At the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2014, LAGO is rewriting the meaning of places, opening them up to sociality and sharing

November 2015

November 2015

At the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2014, LAGO is rewriting the meaning of places, opening them up to sociality and sharing

At the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2014, LAGO is rewriting the meaning of places, opening them up to sociality and sharing

Can new meaning be given to places? Can new ways of interaction be created through design? These are the ideas that led LAGO, an innovative Italian design company, to the Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, Belgium. The result is a stand that extends beyond its designated space, using a LAGO Community Table to invade the corridors of the fair, and the installation of social, 12-person LAGO Community Bed in a deconsecrated church.


Padua, 09 October 2014

At the Biennale Interieur 2014 in Kortrijk, which will revolve around Joseph Grima’s theme, ‘The home does not exist’, to investigate the meaning and essence of the concept of home, LAGO will be present with two projects that rewrite the function of static, unchanging places like fair stands and churches, giving them new meanings and opening them up to sociality and sharing.

We are starting off from our concept for the LAGO stand—no. 205 Hall 2—conceived by Daniele Lago, Lago CEO and Head of Design, and Lowie Vermeersch as a space that extends beyond its designated area and invades the corridors of the fair with a 10-metre-long LAGO Community Table that emerges from the stand slantwise. It is an entirely new way of constructing a company’s fair presence: a design that shifts convivial space towards the outside, eliminating the distance between company and visitor in the name of creating a welcome.

Surrounded by Wildwood benches and School and Dangla chairs, with pitchers of fresh Brita water always available to everyone, the LAGO Community Table is an invitation to take a seat, chat, stop time for a moment and share your life with others before setting out again. On the table you will find the 11 points of the LAGO Manifesto, which it embodies to perfection, and most especially point three: ‘We believe in the atoms and bits of human relationships’.

This sense of openness, which is typical of LAGO, is also being expressed on the interior walls of the stand, where you will find virtual scenes revolving around three of the company’s core product-systems: 36e8, N.O.W. and Air. The space is thus opened up to imaginary rooms inhabited by a virtual person, the same one you will find in flesh-and-blood at the stand itself. The virtual/real inhabitant helps make the concept of welcoming and openness even stronger.

On display, three new products that met with great success at the Salone del Mobile 2014: the Vele bed, the Slide sofa and the new 36e8 Side compositions, as well as a complete mix of LAGO products and some of the company’s best sellers, like the N.O.W. wardrobe, the Air sofa and the Air shelf.

The same democratic, informal and slightly irreverent air is also found in LAGO’s second project for Biennale Interieur 2014: the LAGO Community Bed, a 12-person bed set up in a deconsecrated church, the Chapel of Broel School.

The bed, an icon of intimacy and private life, is thus opened up to sharing and becomes extra-large, social and community-oriented, giving new meaning to a traditional, normally static place like the church. Suspended on glass legs, the bed seems to float in the air, bringing magic and lightness to the space.

On 20 October at 11 a.m., an informal conversation will take place on the LAGO Community Bed between Daniele Lago, Lowie Vermeersch and a few designers on the topic of how the meaning of places can be changed through design.

On Sunday, 19 October at 5 p.m., the focus will instead be the LAGO Community Table at the stand, where Daniele Lago will be talking to architects about how design can improve places and illustrating LAGO’s new formats for the business world with the aim of creating a network of places (offices, hotels, flats, cafés, reception spaces, etc.) where LAGO design contributes to creating resonance between interiors and the people who live in them.

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19 October | 5 p.m. | Chapel of Broel School, Groeningestraat 3 Kortrijk |
LAGO Air Community Bed / Changing the meaning of places through design
Can design change the meaning of a place? Can lateral thinking emerge from nocturnal creativity? This topic will be explored by Daniele Lago, LAGO CEO and Head of Design and Lowie Vermeersch in an informal chat held on the LAGO Community Bed.

20 October – 11 a.m. | LAGO Stand 205 Hall 2 |
LAGO Academy / How design can improve your business life
Our experience of interiors has a profound influence on our interior lives.
Find out how LAGO design can help improve people’s lives and work.

A leading company in the field of furniture design and manufacturing, LAGO has an extended vision of design, seeing it as a discipline that produces meaning, not just products, and one capable of innovating the whole chain of production and proposing new visions and new ways of living. More than products, LAGO designs alphabets for every area of the house and invites consumers to use them, bringing to life a shared design that is enriched by the energies of the user. With the ‘LAGO Interior Life’ project, expressed in an 11-point manifesto, the company aims to create a relationship between the individual and the space around him or her. Since, if spaces have a profound influence on interior life, we thus need to create spaces that resonate with the people who live in them.

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