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Customisable and reconfigurable: sofas tailored to everyday life

Modular sofas with an infinite range of seat backs and seats for peerless compositional freedom. Transformable in line with your changing needs, they furnish your space with light suspension and bold form. A feeling of relaxation generated by original compositions that combine ergonomics, design and personality.

Air Sofa

A modular sofa, with interchangeable seats and seat backs, for adding airy lightness to your living room.

Air Soft Sofa

An inviting sofa offering a sense of comfort and lightness like no other.

Air Soft Free Sofa

Freestanding backrests allow you to design this sofa composition freely, for a modern, light and airy look.

Sand Sofa

Soft rounded shapes for a sofa that offers endless possible compositions thanks to the modular freedom of its backrests.

Happening Sofa

Happening is a comfy sofa with ergonomic, rounded forms that invite you to let go and enjoy the social experience.

Slide Sofa

An ergonomic design sofa, with repositionable trapezoid modules, for giving your living room an ever-changing look.

Chama Sofa Bed

A single mattress can host two people, becoming a confortable extra bed for unexpected guests.