Single Beds

Single Beds

Single beds for children’s rooms

The children’s room is the kingdom of the imagination: single beds, suspended like clouds or tree houses are the perfect refuge for young adventurers. Comfortable, colourful single beds, designed for safety and sustainability.

Air Single Bed

Essential, light, easy to clean. Which child would not want to sleep on a cloud?

Colletto Single Bed

Colletto is a comfortable, original ad cozy  bed perfect for the children’s room. It is available in the king size, for mum and dad.

Fluttua Single Bed

Fluttua is a suspended single bed that gives children the magical sensation of sleeping in the air.

LagoLinea Bed

A bed for furnishing kids’ rooms and children’s rooms. Dreams encircled by a single line.

Gizmo Bed

A corner bed, perfect for furnishing small rooms where the bed cannot be placed in the middle of the room.

LagoLinea Weightless Bed

This suspended LAGO bed seems like a tree house and creates loads of extra space in children’s rooms.