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Shelving for the living room, just the way you want it

Aligned, misaligned, suspended or in the middle of the room: LAGO shelving adds personality and character to the living room. So many furniture solutions to choose from for extraordinary compositional freedom on the wall and beyond. The shelving elegantly and harmoniously integrates with the wall and television units, creating an infinity of possible compositions.

Air Shelving

A design bookshelf where the shelves and containers, suspended on plates of glass, seem to float in the air

LagoLinea Shelving

Create a suspended bookshelf on the wall with a line just 3-cm thick, giving it whatever shape you like.

30mm Shelving

Suspended, modular, dynamic: the 30 mm Weightless shelving optimizes the space to the centimeter.

30mm Weightless Shelving

A shelving that divides and organizes the space: it comes down from the ceiling like a stalactite.

DiagoLinea Shelving

A system of painted shelves that rotate on a pin so that the configuration of the bookshelf can be easily changed.

Net Storage

A modular bookshelf built out of cubes measuring 40 cm per side, adaptable to every setting.

Tangram Shelving

Seven shapes to combine as you wish, creating the bookshelf of your dreams or furnishing children’s rooms.