Furniture for Children’s Rooms

Furniture for Children’s Rooms

We have transformed children’s dreams into safe, sustainable furniture for the children’s room

Play with solids and voids, breathing life into colourful, fun children’s room furniture. Tailored to any space or need, LAGO children’s room furnishings grow with your child, resistant to time and fashions. Order, colour and cleanliness take on leading roles in the children’s room, in harmonious dialogue with the furnishings.

DiagoLinea Shelving for the children’s room

DiagoLinea is an original shelving for the children’s room: a simple line can take unexpected shapes, drawing new emotions.

LagoLinea Desk

A desk for kids’ rooms, that integrates with the LagoLinea and DiagoLinea shelves and the 36e8 containers.

LagoLinea Children’s Shelving

36e8 Storage for the Children’s Room

With 36e8 storage furniture, you can create unique, original compositions for the children’s room.