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Suspended beds, wardrobes with fabric doors and essential bedside tables bring the LAGO bedroom to life. A hymn to lightness in the bedroom, the room where dreams take flight. Create a unique space, giving shape to your emotions.




N.O.W. Wardrobe

N.O.W. can be fully customised and changes the way you think about wardrobes in the bedroom. It suits any interiors. 

N.O.W. Quick Wardrobe

This unique wardrobe creates a dialogue between different materials, making N.O.W. Quick a real work of design, within everybody’s reach.

Smart Wardrobe

The Smart wardrobe can be customised with lacquered doors in a range of sizes and colours to create chromatic compositions with real personality. 

Groove Wardrobe

The Groove wardrobe combines aesthetics and functionality, and uses innovative materials to create a versatile end result with an unexpected design.  

Cut Wardrobe

The camouflaged opening is what defines the Cut wardrobe: a sleek, structural piece that fits in perfectly with any interior design.

Key Wardrobe

The Key wardrobe fronts are decorated with exquisite inserts and the Flapp handle masterfully built in. 

Flapp Wardrobe

Sleek design and functionality are one and the same in the Flapp wardrobe, thanks to the fully integrated handle on the glass door. 

N.O.W. Sliding Wardrobe

The new sliding mechanism and customisable glass doors create a fresh wardrobe design that is elegantly practical. 

N.O.W. Quick Sliding Wardrobe

Unique colour and material pairings decorate the N.O.W. sliding wardrobe to create an innovative design. 

Et Voilà Wardrobe

Design wardrobes, in floor and wall-mounted models, with an interchangeable fabric door.

Air Wardrobe

A design wardrobe for furnishing bedrooms, but also clothing stores.

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Walk-in Closets

Walk-in Closets

armadio di design aperto
cabina armadio elegante
cabina armadio design
cabina armadio sospesa
cabina armadio aperta
cabina armadio a vista
armadio di design aperto

Air Walk in Closet

An open, lightly designed walk-in wardrobe in which sleek and simple volumes float above resistant tempered-glass supports.

Vista Walk-In-Closet

A modular walk-in closet that becomes an expression of itself. The structure is made up of solid poles, wooden or glass shelves with light drawers.

Outfit Walk-In-Closet

A customizable solid structure, enriched with precious finishes and organized with equipment and accessories to ensure maximum order.

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letto matrimoniale moderno
letto sospeso
letto sospeso con sistema di illuminazione
letto matrimoniale sospeso
letto sospeso moderno con testiera arricciata
letto air replis
letto matrimoniale design
letto matrimoniale moderno

Fluttua Bed

A bed that defies gravity, bringing magic into the bedroom.

Air Replis Bed

A soft, elegant headboard adds a decorative feature to the modern bed elevated on glass legs.

Steel Replis Bed

An elevated bed design with an intimate, enveloping headboard.


Air Bed

A design bed that rests on transparent glass legs; can be accessorised with backrests and shelves.

Air Wildwood Bed

A bed suspended on glass legs with a wooden headboard, for adding warmth to your bedroom.

Steel Bed

Thanks to its structure with elegant steel legs, Steel bed allows for suspended solutions without the need for wall mounting.

Steel Free Bed

Raised above the floor on elegant steel legs, Steel bed features a customisable headboard in a choice of two different materials.

Vele Bed

A modern bed for keeping everything within reach: the headboard integrates numerous support surfaces.

Colletto Bed

Thanks to the soft ring around its entire perimeter, Colletto is a design bed that is as comfortable as a nest.

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Cassettiera Morgana 1
Cassettiera Morgana 1

Morgana Storage

A chest-of-drawers-cum-sculpture with wheels and spacious drawers that can rotate in every direction.


Softswing è un’altalena morbida e colorata con cui giocare e divertirsi.

Punto Storage

A unique storage that also serves as a mirror, for furnishing the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

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specchio rotondo moderno

Pleasure Mirror

A modern mirror inspired by the soft shapes of a water-smoothed pebble.

36e8 Mirror

A mirror for bathrooms, entrances and living rooms, can be accessorised with towel holders and shelves.

Punto Mirror

Paired with the LagoLinea shelves, the Punto Mirror creates hidden spaces for tucking things away out of view.

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Dressers and Bedside Tables

Dressers and Bedside Tables

como legno e vetro
como bianco
comodini sospesi
como in vetro lucido nero
comodini moderni
comodini design in vetro fume grigio e xglass
como legno e vetro

36e8 Glass Dresser

A glass dresser alternating see-through glass storage compartments with elegant closed storage space.

Air Dressers and Bedside tables

Floating dressers and bedside tables change how you perceive the unit volumes, providing elegant storage space in your bedroom.

Materia Chest of Drawers and Bedside Tables

Volumes with simple yet refined lines for minimal chests of drawers and bedside tables that are lent uniqueness by the properties of XGlass.

Upglass Bedside Tables

A free-standing designer bedside table that can be customised with luxury textured finishes.


36e8 Chest of Drawers and Bedside Tables

36e8 chests of drawers and bedside tables are light and practical, tailored to your needs and suited to any kind of bedroom.

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