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Milano @Hotel San Gottardo

In the spectacular southern part of Milan’s old city centre, demarcated by the canal belt known as Cerchia dei Navigli and Porta Ticinese, stands Hotel San Gottardo Milano, a modern hospitality formula conceived by architects Hanna Manassa  and Husam Hurani in collaboration with LAGO Store Vicenza. Hotel San Gottardo is an old building that has been renovated in a captivating makeover. Initial redevelopment work revealed wooden beams in the existing ceilings and layer upon layer of paintwork on the walls. These findings inspired several alterations to be made to the original project, resulting in an interior design and mood that is the best expression of the refurbished rooms.


The dynamic design and flexibility of LAGO modular systems were therefore an ideal solution for creating interiors that embrace the warmth of the wood and different colours of the frescoed walls. The resulting refined boutique hotel takes you into another dimension, with the original building turned into a mini apartment comprising two double rooms and a small kitchen plus two independent rooms, both with kitchen.


Main players in the bedrooms, Air Wildwood beds set the mood for bedtime with the solidity of their Wildwood oak headboards and extreme lightness, guaranteed by the absolute transparency of their extra-clear tempered glass supports. The coloured bands on the N.O.W. Wardrobes and elegant 36e8 Bedside Tables go perfectly with the different shades of the walls, while Wildwood has been chosen as the finish for desks and worktops in the 36e8 kitchen. A wonderful new atmosphere for a hotel that perfectly translates the capacity of LAGO design to merge ancient and modern.

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