Palermo @ Al Massimo apartment

Contemporary, antique design, just a short walk from the Teatro Massimo

Tavolo Madeterraneo - Palermo @ Appartamento Al Massimo
Soggiorno - Palermo @ Appartamento Al Massimo
Camera - Palermo @ Appartamento Al Massimo

A historic building, once used to store coffee, has been turned into a contemporary apartment.

The apartment is located in Palermo’s beautiful historic centre, in Palazzo Dagnino, just a short walk from the Teatro Massimo. Here you can find a holiday home created as part of an elaborate renovation project which has redefined this space, once used by a roasting company for storing coffee. The owners wanted to preserve the property’s history and character – its arches, columns and vaulted ceilings – and to elevate it with modern furnishings and the timeless charm of LAGO design. The result is a harmonious fusion of contemporary and antique style.

Light, shape and colour for the kitchen and living room

Guests enter a bright and welcoming living space in which LAGO’s iconic lightweight furniture stands side by side with the existing historical features. The modular 36e8 kitchen works perfectly under the vaulted ceiling, suspended in mid-air on sheets of tempered glass and featuring a worktop in heat-treated oak that brings a feeling of warmth to the whole space. The neutral Sabbia and Tortora tones blend in harmoniously with the cerulean blue walls and the balcony cement tiles, creating a stunning chromatic effect.

In the middle of the room, guests can find one of the most original design products in the LAGO table collection: the Air MadeTerraneo table. The table works as a partition between the kitchen and living area, bringing some simply Mediterranean tradition to the living space in an extremely innovative design.

To finish off the look in this open space, there are two modular living-room furnishings, ideal for one of the less expansive areas of the apartment. The freedom offered by the Air sofa and the unusual pattern created on the wall with the 36e8 feature composition bring design, functionality and comfort to a compact space.

A double bedroom furnished with a light, innovative design

This sleek, elegant bedroom space says everything there is to know about the creativity, innovation and comfort of furniture by LAGO. There is also room for one of the most innovative modular ranges designed by LAGO in this bedroom: the Et Voilà wardrobe in the Weightless model. The fabric doors open effortlessly to reveal functional interiors, and its wall-mounted suspended architecture leaves plenty of space for the double Air Wildwood bed on glass legs. Like all LAGO design beds, it exploits a “floating” effect to furnish the bedroom elegantly, with a magical touch.

This simple and functional style has also been carried through to the bathroom, where the Depth washbasin plays with the feeling of an empty, open void with a sloping, clear-glass bottom, instilling magic in the whole space.

The “Al Massimo” apartment is the ideal place to spend your holiday, living among history and innovation, just a short distance away from the major attractions that the area has to offer: the Arab-Norman itinerary, beautiful Sicilian beaches, the Cala and Foro Italico, and Palermo’s old town.

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