Milano Brera @ Casa degli Artisti

Art and design combine in a creative atelier.

Milano Brera @ Casa degli Artisti - Poltrone Lastika design LAGO
Milano Brera @ Casa degli Artisti - Tavoli Air design LAGO
Milano Brera @ Casa degli Artisti - design LAGO

LAGO has curated the interior design for one of the 11 ateliers at Casa degli Artisti, a new cultural centre in the heart of Milan’s Brera district. The area has a strong international vibe and is open to all forms of artistic expression. The aim of LAGO’s design project is to create value through the graphical elements of design and compose new forms of expression, moving towards the world of art and culture.

Casa degli Artisti is a creative hub for the arts, a place with an international outlook, rethinking the relationship between clientele, production and artistic training in a contemporary way. With this in mind, LAGO has put together an interior design project capable of switching the focus back to people and celebrating the bond between contemporary design and industrial architecture.


Innovative solutions for a creative atelier


LAGO’s iconic furniture has been chosen in bright shades of yellow and teal to contrast the ancestral Wildwood tables and extrachiaro glass bookcases. It interacts with the surrounding space that features exposed brick, steel beams and a reinforced concrete ceiling – the first of its kind in Italy. The result is something truly original, while also managing to harness the historical and cultural heritage of Casa degli Artisti.

Slide sofas, Air bookcases and striking yet practical designer seating have all been chosen to enrich the space, while the atelier’s creative heart lies in the composition of Air tables positioned side by side. LAGO’s ultra-modular designs mean the furniture can be used in myriad ways, in different arrangements and compositions according to need and how the space is used.

Casa degli Artisti was established in 1909 by the art-loving Bogani brothers to host workshops and studios. After the various historical events of the first half of the twentieth century, the Casa became the property of the City of Milan and in the late 1970s it was given a new lease of artistic life, as internationally renowned artists began occupying the space. In 2007, it was vacated, before the City of Milan began redeveloping the property in 2015. They restored the building to its original aesthetics, with white plastered walls and large windows overlooking the pathway leading to Corso Garibaldi. In February 2020, 110 years after it was first established, Casa degli Artisti reopened to the public as a hub for all those involved in the arts, society and business, welcoming national and international artists and hosting cultural events.

LAGO has chosen to collaborate with Casa degli Artisti as we too are firm believers in the power of contamination between different disciplines and in sharing spaces and ideas. LAGO has presented plans for a creatively furnished space in which design stimulates connections and serves as a cultural resource for promoting individual and collective wellbeing.


Photography: Andrea Rinaldi


Location: Corso Garibaldi 89/a – 20124 Milano

Phone: +39 349 2573779



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