Milano @ 21 House of Stories

A designer hotel revolutionising the concept of hospitality

Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - esterni
Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - esterni
Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - ingresso
Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - camere d'hotel
Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - spazi comuni e coworking
Milano 21WOL | Way of Living - esterni

LAGO, reimagining hospitality as a fluid concept through design


21 House of Stories is an innovative space that still feels familiar, designed as somewhere to cultivate new experiences and meet new people. It’s a launch pad for people travelling, whether over the long or short term, as well as for workers and people who live locally.

21 House of Stories Città Studi is a hotel, co-living space, bistro and “co(z)working” shared work space, all in one. It represents an experience-centred, hybrid hospitality concept, brought to life thanks to LAGO’s design.

The starting point for this project was a need to join and diversify different spaces and functions, all at the same time. LAGO was responsible for designing the hotel rooms and co-living spaces, as well as the communal leisure, eating and work areas, providing flexible, modular solutions. The aim was to use the furniture to enhance the space and create somewhere that felt just like home.


Design as a way of bringing a space to life and making new connections

LAGO’s design work began with the hotel-room furniture and followed through to the elegant communal areas, including the lively bistro area, and a warm and inviting shared “co(z)working” space.

Feeling at home, even while travelling, is made easy with 21 House of Stories: comfy, modern double beds and bookcases that look like they’re floating are used to customise and reinvent the private spaces to suit your needs and requirements.

The communal areas, on the other hand, feel elegantly light and airy, showcasing unique features such as the Air tables and sofas, which blend perfectly into the space. Here, shapes and materials work harmoniously together and everyday life finds its natural dimension, as something to be experienced, as it opens up to the new and unexpected.

It’s thanks to these shapes and designs that 21 House of Stories is also an experience, something you can mould and have fun with. The space presents a unique concept of hospitality. It serves as a platform for an open, hybrid and fluid form of accommodation and shared living, created by, and for, an active community of visitors, professionals and locals.

The culmination of this vast offering and rich leisure line-up is the events arena: a stage located right in the middle of the communal area. Here you can enjoy live music, talks, presentations and more, every day, while tantalising your taste buds at the bistro offering a whirlwind tour through eastern Mediterranean flavours. Naturally, the interiors have all been expertly curated by LAGO.


Location: Via Enrico Nöe 24, 20133, Milano

Phone: (+39) 02 5656 8715



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