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Elegant Allure: a loft apartment clothed in tangible emotions

Five cities, five styles, just one common thread: LAGO design.

Soggiorno Parigi
Tetti Parigi
Divano Slide
Libreria Air
Madia 36e8 XGlass
Dettaglio Palazzo
Camera Parigi
Comò 36e8

The project HOMES OF THE WORLD expresses contemporary living in its infinite variations, inserting itself into the everyday life of the world’s most important cities.

On the upper floor of a 19th-century building in Paris, a loft apartment with a view of the Tour Eiffel, clothed in tangible emotions and lightness. Contemporary design fills this space with an elegant allure typical of the Ville Lumière, creating a perfect marriage between past and present. Every room in the flat is an expression of a perfect fusion between a timeless historical building and modern furnishings. To take just one example, the stucco decoration on the ceiling and fireplace meet the geometric lines of the Slide sofa, the modularity of which permits extraordinary compositional expression.

The living room develops around the Air shelving, which divides the spaces and filters the light coming in from the large windows. On the opposite wall, we find the 36e8 XGlass sideboard, a monolithic, marble-like form that elegantly asserts itself like a small work of architecture for the living room.

Moving towards the dining room, the Air table takes centre stage, its determination and octane notes capturing both the eye and mind. The common thread of lightness continues in the bedroom, which revolves around the Air bed and its tempered glass legs.

The final result is a sophisticated apartment, at once both decisive and delicate. A place you cannot help but fall in love with.

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