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Supersalone: LAGO celebrates the restart of the great international design kermesse with its first Limited Edition in 100 unique and numbered pieces

September 2021


September 2021

From 5 to 10 September, the design company presents the "Supersalone Limited Edition" collection designed for new ways of living in our homes.

From 5 to 10 September, the design company presents the "Supersalone Limited Edition" collection designed for new ways of living in our homes.

LAGO presents the “Supersalone Limited Edition” at the fair, a limited edition of four iconic products, each declined in 100 unique and numbered pieces and dressed with a new marble texture, designed to celebrate the restart of the most important event in the design sector.


Born by taking a closer look at the new ways we are inhabiting spaces, the first limited edition collection by LAGO answers to the needs of contemporary living, highlighted and amplified during the pandemic period, and fits perfectly with the uniqueness of the Supersalone. Each piece that composes it, selected from the new 2021/2022 collection exhibited for the occasion in Casa Lago, is characterized by innovative aesthetic codes, designed with the aim of bringing the home back at the hearth of living, which is expressed by everyday life moments, hospitality, conviviality and domestic routine.


The material designed by Daniele Lago for the Supersalone represents the synthesis of the creative ingenuity of the digital-savvy craftsman. Polygons of different shapes are selected and juxtaposed with each other, creating a dialogue between suggestive marble atmospheres and generating an unprecedented material encounter on matt glass on the sideboards and polished glass on the table and bed. The Calacatta Black, Port Saint Laurent, Marquina and Sahara Noir marbles all merge to form a distinctive feature that is both singular and discontinuous, capable of creating an unprecedented, coordinated equilibrium.


«Darwin has understood that whoever knows how to change wins and I believe that this Supersalone is going in this direction – explains Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design of LAGO SpA -. To reinforce this innovative aspect, we have dedicated for the first time a limited edition to a trade fair event that will bear his name. In any case, this is an important signal for the restart of physical fair events and the possibility after a long time to return to meet with our community ».


During the Supersalone, in the LAGO exhibition space (Pav. 02 – lane C11) will be exhibited the number one copies of the numbered series, including the NOW sideboard, the Fluttua bed, the 36e8 sideboard and the Meet table, made unique by a set of perfectly inlaid marble finishes.


Vertical panelling creates a sense of rhythm and alters the status quo, moving away from the traditional perception of storage space. Hidden behind is a patented opening built to stand the test of time. The option to customise each individual panel means you can create limitless chromatic moods – the perfect expression of everything N.O.W. stands for: “Not Only White”. Clear, bronzed-effect glass doors with accent lighting give the item stored behind them a warm glow and sense of importance, creating a playful aesthetic in which the furniture’s display and storage functions interact.


The iconic Fluttua bed has been engulfed by a captivating new universe, thanks to a sensual headboard. It has an architectural imprint and features a special ruched fabric that creates infinite shimmering reflections. The extremely soft, rich texture is velvety and pleasant to the touch, while the fabric’s irregularity is accentuated by the light, multi-material bedside tables either side, without creating a discontinuous overall look. This authentic design is truly unique thanks to the magical floating bed and its ability to be both decorative and functional.


The new collection of 36e8 Glass Sideboards represents the evolution of LAGO’s iconic 36e8 aesthetic code which, thanks to its modularity, is able to generate storage solutions with a light and dynamic design. Enriched by the transparencies and precious details that characterize the Glass containers with a 45° join, the new sideboards offer infinite customization possibilities for the living area, hall and dining room. The new glass or metal supports accentuate the clean lines and help define furnishing solutions to suit any interior style. The result is a collection of horizontal and vertical cupboards capable of responding to every storage need, to the point of becoming display and bar cabinets. Available in three finishes – transparent, smoked gray and smoked bronze – the glass storages are emphasized by an integrated lighting system that gives life to alternating volumes, expressing a contemporary refinement of forms.


Two sculptural, symmetrical elements reach towards each other and just manage to touch at one single point, creating a magical state of balance in which all the parts come together to support one another. Thus is born Meet Table, a table with bold geometric shapes that plays on the balance and contrast between the lightness of the top and the solidity of the base. Designed for a convivial atmosphere, Meet Table is available in rectangular, shaped and oval versions. It can also be customised in the full range of LAGO finishes: from the lacquered glass colours to the textured Wildwood and XGlass looks. The base comes in special metallic lacquers in Peltro, Titanio or Nero.

5 – 10 September 2021
LAGO @Salone Internazionale del Mobile
Pavilion 02 – Lane C11
LAGO @Fuorisalone
Casa Lago Milano – Via San Tomaso 6
Appartamento Lago Contract Lab: MAD051 Materials – Via Brera 30
LAGO Store Milano Porta Nuova – Via Galileo Galilei, 14

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