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New Products 2021

September 2021


September 2021

30 new products shape an innovative design concept: a home full of life back at the heart of living.

30 new products shape an innovative design concept: a home full of life back at the heart of living.

36e8 GLASS SIDEBOARD // Design Daniele Lago


One of LAGO’s most emblematic products has evolved to include a striking alternation between see-through smoked glass storage compartments, featuring a 45° join, and imposing, closed storage compartments. This piece of furniture reinterprets the revolutionary modular build of the 36e8 aesthetic code, adding infinite compositional representations and refined, contemporary forms. The new supports made from glass or metal accentuate its clean lines, creating a sideboard collection to suit any interior style.

N.O.W. SIDEBOARD // Design Daniele Lago


Vertical panelling creates a sense of rhythm and alters the status quo, moving away from the traditional perception of storage space. Hidden behind is a patented opening built to stand the test of time. The option to customise each individual panel means you can create limitless chromatic moods – the perfect expression of everything N.O.W. stands for: “Not Only White”. Clear, bronzed-effect glass doors with accent lighting give the item stored behind them a warm glow and sense of importance, creating a playful aesthetic in which the furniture’s display and storage functions interact. Sideboards, wall units and storage units for every room in the house: choose the width, with measurements in increments of 20 cm, and the height (3 available), to meet your every furnishing need.

36e8 GLASS CONSOLLE // Design Daniele Lago1364_36e8-consolle

Standing on solid tempered glass supports or mounted on the wall, the 36e8 consoles are finished with storage units featuring a slick 45° build, and a lighting system that enhances the volumes. A versatile solution for any interior context, design that is both sophisticated and functional.

MEET TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


Two sculptural, symmetrical elements reach towards each other and just manage to touch at one single point, creating a magical state of balance in which all the parts come together to support one another. The bold, geometric shapes of this table play with the equilibrium between the light top and solid base. The top can be rectangular, oval or shaped. It can also be customised in the full range of LAGO finishes: from the lacquered glass colours to the textured Wildwood and XGlass looks. The base comes in special metallic lacquers in Peltro, Titanio or Nero.

WADI TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


A clean cut divides the elliptical base into two sections, creating a striking, dynamic design. The metal base contrasts with the light, slender top, available in three shapes and different materials: from Wildwood to XGlass and a range of lacquered-glass finishes. Wadi offers captivating structural rigour with a contemporary, architectural hallmark.

AIR XGLASS TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


Monolithic and fully clad in glass, this table top looks as though it is floating in mid-air. An elegant continuous grain, offered by the XGlass finish, adds exceptional value to the overall aesthetics. And thanks to the properties of glass, the top is resistant to liquids and acids and is easy to clean. It can be customised in all polished and matt XGlass finishes, introducing natural textures such as marble, metal, wood and fabric. A designer table you can dress with unique visuals.

AIR WILDWOOD TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


Legs in smoked Grigio tempered glass make for an original version of the Air table, preserving the same unique, innovative design. This iconic piece adds warmth and elegance to any room. The ancestral influence of one-hundred-year-old Wildwood blends with the contemporary feel of glass, creating a textural dialogue of timeless beauty.

36e8 GLASS TV UNITS // Design Daniele Lago


A linear composition featuring Extrachiaro, Fumé Grigio or Fumé Bronzo see-through glass storage compartments, and showcasing both the display and storage functions combined. These TV units offer new possibilities when it comes to creating your composition, giving the living room an aura of innovation.

DUB SHELF // Design Daniele Lago



With a solid, chunky glass profile, this shelf is finished externally in XGlass or coloured glass, linking with the internal lacquering for an infinite combination of colours.

CARTESIO SHELF // Design Daniele Lago


This shelf is embellished on three sides and features striking glass workmanship. The end result is an almost entirely floating finish.

GLASSERIE SHELF // Design Daniele Lago1398_glasserie_shelf

Subtle glass shelves integrate with elegant XGlass panelling, without interrupting the continuity of the surface grain.

N.O.W. SUSPENDED SIDEBOARD // Design Daniele Lago


Make your feature wall even more functional with this large storage unit with a patented opening mechanism. The wall-mounted finish lightens the look and makes for a dynamic piece, also thanks to the rhythmic glass panels.

AIR SOFT SOFA // Design Daniele Lago1901_air_soft_sofa

Soft, supple forms with the sophisticated modular build of the Air sofa: this is a highly developed product. Made from extremely elastic and long-lasting materials and with a layer of selected, certified goose down, it is ultra-comfy and inviting. The aluminium frame technology and patented coupling mechanisms for the seats and backrests allow you to create infinite configurations in just a few simple steps, giving you the freedom to build your own composition. The supports, available in Extrachiaro tempered glass or metal, give an ethereal, innovative stamp to any space that is home to the Air Soft Sofa.

BLENDIE COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago1411_blendie_coffee-table

Outlines with different textured effects blend seamlessly into a single, join-free glass top. The delicate lines make for soft, varied geometric shapes, bringing harmony to your living room.

LEAN COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


This coffee table, perched on a glass leg, is unique in its elegant artisanal craftsmanship, featuring hundred-year-old Wildwood curved to perfection. The wafer-thin, resistant top appears as a subtle line, introducing revamped, contemporary style.

PLEASURE COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago1420-1419_pleasure_coffee-table

Smooth, irregular forms mark out a punchy coffee table design on glass legs, inspired by the organic shapes found in nature like stones, minerals and precious gems. The tops can be customised in all XGlass finishes and matt or polished lacquered glass, allowing you to mix and match multiple coffee tables.

UPGLASS COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lagoupglass_coffee-table

An expansive top welcomes an explosion of textures thanks to XGlass technology, while two clear-glass legs subtly add character to the living room space. The UpGlass table’s 45° workmanship showcases how well this product is made, and the exceptional quality of its understated design.

LAYERS COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lagolayers_coffee-table

Two symmetrical tops with a supple shape define the architecture of this functional, elegant table on two levels. Transparent tops and an imposing, textured XGlass base together create a contrast. The visuals come to life with captivating reflections and impulses.

TELL COFFEE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


An original coffee table with a vertical design, balanced out by the base which provides stability. Designed to accompany those special moments spent together. You can really customise this slick piece featuring a seamless 45° glass finish, ideal alongside other occasional tables or as part of a sofa composition, for a practical yet gratifying look.

COLLEZIONE TAPPETI // Design Daniele Lago


Carpets made with advanced technology and carefully selected materials give life to a rich collection including block colours and primary patterns, in both long and short pile. This range of technical, hypoallergenic products, which are particularly resistant thanks to their fireproof properties and meticulous manufacturing, allow you to make the most of every living space, with uniquely designed, decorative furnishings.

FLUTTUA REPLIS BED // Design Daniele Lago


The iconic Fluttua bed is part of a captivating new universe, created by sensual headboard featuring natural folds, giving the bed a soft look that’s fresh every time. The exquisite light and shadow effect created provides an opportunity to see these materials in a new way. An authentic design, made unique by the magical, floating structure of the bed and its lighting that is both atmospheric and functional.

FLUTTUA BED // Design Daniele Lago1611_fluttua

The world’s first floating bed introduces an innovative design concept in the bedroom. The linear, backlit headboard is a truly decorative, functional feature and can be accessorised with shelves and bedside tables. It is available fully upholstered in fabric or in a dual finish in combination with Wildwood. The result is a striking wall-mounted composition that works perfectly in tandem with the famous floating base.

AIR REPLIS BED // Design Daniele Lago


A special ruched headboard creates a unique visual and tactile finish for your rest and relaxation. The soft undulations are accentuated by sophisticated lighting that sets the mood and creates a delicate ambiance. Standing on strong tempered-glass supports, the Air bed can be mounted on the wall or free-standing, to suit all your furnishing requirements.

AIR BED // Design Daniele Lago


Balanced on almost imperceptible glass panels, the Air bed drastically lightens the look in the bedroom. The ethereal supports contrast with the physicality of the headboard, changing the way the space is perceived. The bed’s linear, authoritative architecture removes any fixing constraints, meaning it can also be positioned as a centrepiece, as well as being easy to accessorise with shelves and bedside tables. A unique design to divide and distinguish the bedroom space in an innovative and functional way.

STEEL REPLIS BED // Design Daniele Lago


The bed’s elevation on two steel legs makes Steel Replis an excellent representation of lightness and strength. The ruched headboard with a bold, architectural design brings freshness to the space, for enjoying rest and relaxation in the bedroom. A rationally designed bed, adding personality to define your bedroom interiors.

36e8 GLASS DRESSER // Design Daniele Lago


See-through glass storage compartments add to these versatile dressers, which can be wall-mounted or floor-standing, and change shape according to your storage requirements. Elegant volumes fully clad with glass can be customised in a wide array of colours and finishes, and they blend in perfectly with modular wardrobes and floating beds.

UPGLASS BEDSIDE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago


The transparent effects of the Extrachiaro, Fumé Grigio or Fumé Bronzo glass lighten the look of the imposing structure of the UpGlass bedside tables. They provide a storage solution you can customise in an infinite range of XGlass textures and are free from any wall fastenings, making it easier to move them around to personalise the layout of your bedroom.

36e8 BEDSIDE TABLE // Design Daniele Lago0758_36e8_bedside-table

With light, fluid lines, these units feature a distinctive aluminium filigree and 45° finish, and give the bedroom a touch of timeless beauty and functionality.

HOME OFFICE // Design Daniele Lago

home office

A versatile design gives you the freedom to invent, divide and redesign your spaces, stimulating creativity and concentration. Lightweight, floating products are combined together in flexible, reconfigurable arrangements that solve all your work and study wants and wishes at home. Desks in exquisite finishes, hidden drawers and sleek storage space create innovative interior-design compositions. Furnish beautiful, functional rooms for use as a home office or elegant professional practices, meeting rooms and reception areas.