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April 2020


April 2020

We are warming up the engines of LagoFabbrica to start producing again from Monday 4 May.

Almost seven weeks have passed since we took the decision to close LagoFabbrica ahead of time, to safeguard everyone’s health.

It has actually been a really valuable time because we have learned new things and found ourselves to be even more of a community than we thought, made up of many people all with the same goal: improving our home interiors, as well as the places in which we live our lives generally.

Our digital business culture – which has been engrained in our brand for several decades – has helped us to stay visible and relevant, even during the lockdown. More than 500 of our stores have had the opportunity to talk to people about renovating or furnishing their homes for the first time. 

Numerous architects have made contact with us, or continued their long-standing collaboration, while our agents, scattered around the country, have taken action to help this enormous web of interactions flow smoothly.

It is this sense of community that has allowed us to ride this lull together. 

We have shared feelings and aspirations, and we are even more aware of LAGO’s reach – touching thousands, sometimes millions, of people on the planet.

The lockdown in figures

+ 500,000 visits to our website

+ 1,200,000 interactions on LAGO’s official social media pages 

+ 2,500 attendees at our webinars, during which we shared our products and explored the LAGO world with both customers and professionals

+ 1,200 online consultations with our interior designers

+ 60 hours of e-learning for our staff

One important change that this period has brought about is an improvement in the environment, with cleaner air. This only makes us more determined to keep pushing on with our own policies in pursuit of circular design, with even more zeal to help protect our natural ecosystem.

We are currently preparing to restart production at LagoFabbrica as of Monday 4 May. We are delighted to be getting going again and we will of course do everything necessary to look after all LAGO employees, some of whom will continue working remotely. 

Our stores are also preparing to welcome you back as soon as possible, in full compliance with all restrictions and national guidance, so as to offer the very best service as safely as possible.

In the meantime, remember that our stores are also offering a free online consultation service, giving you the opportunity to book your first appointment in absolute safety – and it’s safe to say we have all rediscovered the importance of our homes in recent weeks.

This period has seen us wave goodbye to a certain type of twentieth-century (pre-digital) culture, leaving room for a more fluid approach to managing business and everyday life. 

We are ready and we will be doing our best to generate value with your collaboration, continuing to create empathy in every relationship, including thanks to new ways of doing things. 


Daniele Lago

& the whole crew


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