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Modern rugs with timeless appeal to furnish and decorate any living space, whether public or private.

Rugs made with technical materials give life to a rich collection including solid colours and primary patterns. They come in both long and short pile. Made in Europe, LAGO rugs are highly resistant to wear and conceal footprint marks. They are also easy to care for. Their fire-resistant and hypoallergenic properties make them perfect for furnishing any area of the home, alongside decorative designer accessories.

Glenn Rug

Uniform shades make for a decorative furnishing with a minimalist look.

Dive Rug

Captivating chromatic nuances gives this designer rug a soft, dynamic look.

Ammos Rug

A modern rug with a subtle, solid-colour pattern.

Pulse Rug

A soft rug for your living room with deep, vivid visuals.

Rug Phos

Featuring a striking, short-pile pattern, this rug has real appeal.