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Wall and Floor Treatments

Creativity that cloths the space

Creativity that cloths the space

A unique collection of flooring, parquet, wallpaper and paint, designed to frame LAGO furnishings and the life that happens around them. Elements of interior design for creating surprising, timeless spaces filled with personality.

N.O.W. Wallpaper

The N.O.W. covering picks up the concept of the N.O.W. wardrobe, and is made of durable Slimtech, for design interiors.

Rooms Wallpaper

Rooms, a wallpaper design that extends space and lends the bedroom greater depth.

Curtains Wallpaper

A design wallpaper that creates the illusion of a curtain on the wall, adding extra depth to the room.

Luci e Ombre Wallpaper

Luci e Ombre creates the light and shadow effect of imaginary windows on the wall, bringing extra light to the room.

Natural Wall Painting

A wall painting designed to decorate domestic interiors: living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Slide Flooring

A design floor with a trapezium base module that can be combined in a thousand configurations.

Playwall Wallpaper

Velcro wallpaper that you can attach soft cushions to, for children’s rooms.

3Dots Wallpaper

Three little dots for wallpaper that helps stimulate the imagination in children’s rooms.