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A place for working and learning. Rooms designed as home offices. Light, functional spaces with product ranges that work well together – perfect for sharing ideas and offering you everything you need from a work space.

Study Units

Study Units

scrivania angolare con libreria
scrivania ufficio di design
scrivania a muro salvaspazio
libreria sospesa bianca
scrivania salvaspazio
libreria bianca con scrivania
scrivania angolare con libreria

Air Study Shelving

An elegant, self-standing bookcase on glass supports with a built-in desk to custom-furnish your study. The ideal solution if you’re working or studying from home.

LagoLinea Study Shelving

This wall-mounted bookcase is part of an expressive range, where no hard-and-fast rules apply. Build a composition that adapts to your space in a natural way.

Et Voilà Study Shelving

A product you can custom-design down to the last inch, it can change the look of your room quickly and easily, combining work and play.

Space Saving Ideas

In response to today’s need for flexile, stylish spaces, LAGO has come up with some innovative space-saving ideas.

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scrivania con libreria
scrivania libreria angolare
scrivania ufficio moderna
scrivania con libreria

Air Desk

The new Air desk has an elegant and practical design, perfect for creating a home office to study or work in, helping boost concentration in a peaceful and tranquil space.

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