Milano design week 2017 / stand / Qualcosa di gentile

qualcosa di gentile

Chiara Gamberale’s interior is a dreamy space where books are kept on floating bookshelves. The perfect frame for a welcoming place where the imagination and dialogue run free.

" Kindness is welcoming the world instead of defending yourself against it. It’s understanding others instead of judging them. "


An Italian writer translated into 18 languages, she debuted in 1999 with Una vita sottile, followed by, among others, La zona cieca (2008, Campiello finalist), Le luci nelle case degli altri (2009), Per dieci minuti (2013) and Qualcosa (2017). An expert in the exploration of deep emotions and human alchemies, she is more accustomed to asking questions than giving answers. So it is no accident that her participation in the LAGO project took its cue from a question: ‘I have always asked myself why we aren’t all kind: isn’t it far, far more difficult to be unkind?’

Explore the interior thanks to NIKON Keymission 360