Milano design week 2017 / stand / Il Cielo in una stanza

Il cielo in una stanza

The image evoked by the space created by Cristina Celestino leads towards far-off places. A refined mis-en-scene that, at first appearing domestic and intimate, opens up to the infinite, transforming the very idea of a room.

" Kindness is silence. It is a silent, welcoming spirit capable of creating harmony and beauty. "


Architect and designer, Cristina Celestino is the founder of the brand Attico Design, whereby since 2010 realizes exclusive projects for private and companies, realizing unique and suggestive spaces from the taste deliciously retrò. Author of a meticulous research, she loves focuses on traditional typologies. From her collaboration with LAGO, furthermore her interior project of the room to her dedicated, is born Mezzaestate, a jacquard fabric that has as a protagonist the Amaryllis flower, romantic and kind, repeated into different stages of flowering to made of an elegant geometric grid.

Explore the interior thanks to NIKON Keymission 360