Milano design week 2017 / stand / Grazie, donna, sorriso

Grazie, donna, sorriso

Freelance journalist, Commendatore and Knight of the Italian Republic, her life is a story of commitment to social and women’s issues. For Lella Golfo, kindness is woman: ‘I believe in the strength and power of kindness: “kind beauty” is what will save the world.’

" Kindness is a feminine lightness that keeps the world afloat and that alone can save it. "


Lella Golfo is President of the Fondazione Marisa Bellisario, founded in 1989, a charitable organisation that recognises and promotes the talent of female entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, as well as women dedicated to human and civil rights. She embraced the LAGO project in the conviction that ‘today, spreading and encouraging kindness means being daring, going against the crowd, but also trying to make your own contribution for a better world.’