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Manifattura Modena is a unique living space, opening the door to a new way of experiencing the city, combining history, tradition and contemporary wellbeing.

Strategically located just a stone’s throw away from Modena’s historic centre and Parco Giardino Ducale Estense, Manifattura Modena is a high-end residential complex. It offers a range of accommodation, including a show apartment fully furnished by LAGO, in collaboration with partner Bertoli Arredamenti. Their team of interior-design professionals were involved with site visits and designing the interiors together with LAGO.

Two-, three- and four-room apartments each have their own unique character, capturing the essence of the external setting and offering the highest standards of comfort.

The building itself dates back to the 16th century and has previously been a convent and home to one of Modena’s most symbolic manufacturing industries. The renovation works helped rediscover and enhance the elements linking Manifattura Modena to the city’s architectural past, restoring an important part of history so that it can live on into the future.

The basis of the design proposal, put together by architectural firm Lugli, was to reconfigure the maze of pedestrian paths connecting to the public spaces and serving as access routes to the interior courtyards. These courtyards have been restored to their original form to maximise the natural light coming into the building and recreate a communal area for shared use.


The high-end materials and finishes chosen create a refined sense of elegance, while respecting the unique style of the old industrial site. The end result is an exclusive living experience offering exceptional levels of comfort.

Working alongside LAGO on this real estate project, which includes apartments of different sizes, was Bertoli Arredamenti. They collaborated as a project partner, supplying the furniture for the show apartment. The understated interior design perfectly complements the outstanding architecture, emphasising the high ceilings and characteristic arches.

As for the project design itself, the large living area offers wonderful open spaces, exploiting the original structural features. Where internal subdivisions were required for functional purposes, the design was skilfully moulded around the pillars and arches by the architect.


The Lagolinea wall shelving makes excellent use of the extensive vertical space in the entrance, next to the living room. Large windows create a light, bright feel and bring out the magical floating designs in the Air collection. The modular sofa centrepiece is accompanied by a functional coffee table on a glass stand and a TV unit, to elegantly complete the living space.


In the wall-mounted kitchen composition, the Argilla polished glass gives the units a sleek finish and creates stunning reflections for a spectacular space. In contrast, the Wildwood finish chosen for the floating table brings warmth to the dining room and, when combined with chairs you can upholster, meets all your dining needs.


Even in the modern bedrooms, the custom-made wardrobes and floating beds work perfectly with the original architectural features, providing the highest standards of comfort and elegance.

With LAGO design’s elegant touch, the apartments at Manifattura Modena become altogether synonymous with sophistication and modernity. Simple lines, attention to detail and high-quality materials are the perfect complement to tradition.

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