Arezzo @Resort Borgo Corsignano

Borgo Corsignano is an old Camaldoli farmhouse converted into an elegant resort. It’s a place where art meets the rolling green hills of the Casentino valley. The Lorj family purchased the property in the early 1990s, choosing to preserve the original style of the buildings in their renovation work. They took pains to bring out the traditional features, paying close attention to the finer details. The estate covers some 30 hectares and is home to 4 exclusive villas and 16 suites, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. When designing the new suites, reception area and communal spaces, LAGO’s sleek and simple furniture helped set the tone for the interiors, creating a poetic sense of harmony alongside the carefully curated artwork.


An original coloured-glass light fitting hangs above an imposing community table in the coworking space. As part of a modern vision of hospitality, centred around tourism that also includes business customers, this floating table design encourages guests and visitors to meet, work and build connections.


In the reception area, a combination of clear glass and textured Wildwood gives the space a light, bright feel. The choice of materials also works exceptionally well overall alongside the typical Tuscan stone architecture. The modern feature wall units and slick custom-made counter ensure the balance is maintained between the traditional style of the building and the contemporary feel of the interiors.


The property owner’s love of art pervades every corner of the resort, creating a unique experience for guests. In the bedrooms, LAGO’s designs are instrumental in preserving the original frescoes as features. Large windows overlooking the hills in the surrounding park let the natural light flood in, bringing to life the magic of the floating beds and elegant custom-made desks. Enjoy an experience like no other at this carefully curated resort furnished by LAGO, where design and nature intertwine.

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