LAGO’s history traces back to the end of the nineteenth-century, when Policarpo Lago began his career as an artisan woodworker in noble villas and Venetian churches.

The next generation continued the tradition, launching the production of master bedrooms and, later, furniture for entrances.

In the 1980s, his heirs decided that the moment had arrived to focus on furniture for the living room and bedroom.

In 2006, having by then reached the fourth generation of the family business, the Villa del Conte company became a joint-stock company and entered the global market. A new journey began, filled with challenges and achievements.

Leading LAGO through this delicate generational passage is Daniele Lago, a young entrepreneur and designer who, along with his siblings Franco and Rosanna, leads a team of young, dynamic collaborators.

Today, LAGO’s turnover is about 30 million euros and the company has a staff of around 170 employees. The company’s global presence includes more than 400 carefully-selected furniture stores and numerous single-brand LAGO stores in cities throughout Italy and Europe, including Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Praha.

Expansion is still in full swing, but the company maintains solid ties to its roots, even while opening itself to encounter and exchange with different cultures, partners, suppliers, consumers and bloggers.

LAGO is a multi-cell organism that nourishes itself on diversity, making the most of it, expanding well beyond the boundaries of its headquarters, engaged in a continuous state of influence that brings endless new energy and ideas. Participation and sharing are its keywords.