With APPARTAMENTO LAGO, your home is limitless

Do you have a flat in a central or characteristic area of in your city? Do you have a space with a strong personality that you want to renovate? Do you need to furnish your flat from the ground up and would like to do it with LAGO, making it into a comfortable, modern and surprising place? You are at the centre of APPARTAMENTO LAGO.

A sartorial interior design project

APPARTAMENTO LAGO is a network of homes where the individual is at the centre of a new way of inhabiting spaces. Each APPARTAMENTO LAGO is designed alongside the tenant and created like a garment custom-tailored to his or her personality, the context of the living space and its specific features. LAGO design becomes an activator of relationships that are aimed towards the improvement of people’s lives.

Your events will bring the flat to life

The tenant has the job, for at least two years, of giving visibility to his or her flat by organising events, developing networking opportunities and introducing as many people as possible to his or her home, sharing experiences, ideas and passions.

Be LAGO ambassadors

The Tenant is a LAGO ambassador in the city, passionate about design, creative, a lover of LAGO furniture, sharing and spreading the vision and aims of the network of homes, of which he or she is an active member.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to become a Tenant: architects and interior designers who want to interpret their space with LAGO products, as well as professionals and anyone else who wants to furnish and experience their own home in an original way.

Becoming a Tenant is a challenge and an opportunity

Becoming a Tenant means being a curious, enterprising individual capable of meeting the challenge of an ambitious project while involving the people around him or her in the experience.

A special price

The Tenant enjoys LAGO planning and products at a special price. LAGO will also provide the necessary training for making the most out of the potential of your APPARTAMENTO LAGO.

Your window onto the city

The LAGO Tenant becomes the centre of attraction and generator of experiences for the people he or she meets. It will be a great showcase for you, an opportunity for making new friends and creating new contacts with innovators and professionals.

LAGO communication

With a site dedicated to your project, anyone can visit and contact you. You will have the opportunity to draw on our digital marketing know-how to make your communication more effective, starting with our vast Facebook community (which numbers more than half a million fans), talking about life in the Appartamento and the ideas, energies and events you will be activating.


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