New Appartamento LAGO Lugano

On Saturday, 18 July we have opened the 17th Appartamento LAGO, in Lugano, Switzerland.

On Saturday, 18 July we have opened the 17th Appartamento LAGO, in Lugano, Switzerland.

Immersed in the green of the Canton of Ticino, a few kilometres from Lake Lugano, this Appartamento LAGO is a small, two-storey single-family home designed by the architects Stroligo and Santin in collaboration with LAGO SPACE Selva Interior.

The architecture of the structure is defined by two simple, restrained white parallelepipeds that ‘slip’ past one another: the volume of the first floor on the north side slips by the other without touching it, creating a unique sense of suspension.  The contemporary, restrained, essential style of the house has various elements in common with LAGO design, which was chosen for the interiors precisely for these affinities. Modularity, lightness and contrasting materials are in fact the distinctive features of the interior design. The result is a project that removes weight but not substance, and makes light and relationships the stars of the space.

The tenants Fabio and Barbara told us about this beginning in an interview:

Why did you decided to become Appartamento LAGO tenants?

We believe that our house is truly unique for how it was designed. Two years ago, when we moved, we were looking for something special that could enhance the structure and its spaces, that could give it elegance and style. This seemed like a quite arduous task until we met the LAGO experts who suggested that we participate in the Appartamento Lago project! Already after the first meeting, we could see that we would have all of the necessary support from people capable of listening our needs, interpreting them in collaboration with our architects, and so helping us make concrete, original choices in line with what we wanted for the space. Moreover, we were also drawn by the idea of being able to open up our home to the public, contributing to highlighting the concept of community and sociality promoted by LAGO, since we find ourselves fully reflected in these values.

What were your needs for the living space?

We craved interiors that were practical and comfortable but, at the same time, with a modern, minimalist design, in line with the style of our house (built entirely of reinforced concrete) and that enhanced the concepts of colour and originality in a way that made it ‘warm’ and ‘welcoming’.

What is your favourite part of the house and which part speaks to you the most?

Without a doubt, what we have called the ‘private’ living room on the first floor (with a sofa and annexed office) which we used for ‘nurturing’ our interests and commitments. It is ‘our’ space for relaxing in the evening, for reading, for studying, for doing the accounting, going online, planning vacations, dreaming about the future.

Three word to define this beginning

Longed for, stimulating, surprising.

An event that you would like to host in your Appartamento LAGO?

Since we like spending time with friends and family, ever since we finished furnishing the house we have had different guests almost every week and we realised that each time it is a LAGO event. The style of the house seems to attract people and it helps make them feel like they are in a unique place! We would like however to host an event soon that is focused on art, perhaps something that takes a different, original approach, but we are still working on it!


Riva Caccia 1C // Via Brentani 19, Lugano

Architectural Project S2 ARCHITETTI
Via Gian Carlo Passeroni 1 20135 Milano Italy
Via alla Ramogna 12 6600 Locarno Switzerland

Photo Interiors: Barbara Parolini

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