APPARTAMENTO LAGO Dolomiti – Cibiana di Cadore

On Saturday 25 July, we have opened, in Cibiana di Cadore, the new APPARTAMENTO LAGO Dolomiti , number eighteen in the LAGO INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK.

It is a mountain filled with modern furniture, custom-designed and set up with NFC technology , which makes it possible to dialogue with the furniture thanks to the LAGO ‘Talking Furniture’ app. The day area is designed as a frame for social activities, with a vast suspended sofa and a kitchen that serves as a large counter. The night area is a welcoming nest, for playing and dreaming. The star is hands-down the children’s room, where a LagoLinea bed forms a bridge over the second bed.

The modern language chosen for the interiors does not remove warmth from the setting, and in fact it offers a new reading of space where innovation is linked to the story of its two tenants. Celeste and Gianni were both born in the heart of the Dolomites and their love for this area is what inspired them to set out on this adventure, brimming with enthusiasm. APPARTAMENTO LAGO  is an innovative hospitality project that fits in perfectly with Cibiana, a town that in 2015 made diffuse hospitality its signature and stands as a symbol of faith in the future.

How did the idea to open an Appartamento LAGO in Cibiana sprout?

We met the LAGO team years ago when we visited the first Appartamento, Milano Brera, and our desire to create a contrast between a mountain home and a future-looking interior grew from there.

What is the potential of being a Lago tenant, also in terms of Cibiana’s diffuse hospitality project?

We think that there is a lot of potential, considering that diffuse hospitality is getting underway with such enthusiasm. Adding an APPARTAMENTO LAGO to the mix, organising events, will elicit a lot of curiosity and we hope that new developments will start cropping up soon.

Three words to describe the atmosphere of the town.

Cibiana is:  an Authentic place, where people rediscover their true selves and have to take off the ‘mask’ that life sometimes compels us to wear. People who aren’t able to free themselves of that mask wouldn’t be able to stay; an energy-filled place, when you enter someone’s home, you feel it; in Cibiana you aren’t in the mountains, you are ‘inside the mountains’. At dusk, the profile of the mountains around you offers protection.

What were the design requirements that your interior designers needed to meet?

The project became concrete through a dialogue with the LAGO interior designers. One day, last September, in Cibiana, we told them about who we were, where we are from and what we have done, but most of all our passion for our place of origin (Celeste was born here when there we three metres of snow outside) and for our mountains, the Dolomites. The interior designers then expertly worked out the whole design, presented their plan, which we accepted and then brought it all to completion with the LAGO STORE Vicenza.

Which part of the house do you like the best?

The children’s room with the little bridge.

Via Levà degli Angeli, 19 Vicenza



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