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Ruta 40 is a workspace with a strong home-like feel. The owners wanted a cosy space in which to work: the project is housed within a loft with abundant natural light. Every space has its own function; the living room becomes a comfortable lounge, the kitchen can host two workspaces, the bathroom is a small spa, with a bench on which to relax and take in the panorama on the walls, while the two bedrooms become warm and cosy offices.

Pourquoi ils ont choisi Lago

‘We wanted a comfortable and efficient workspace, that would represent the unique experiences of the trips that we organize. LAGO design has permitted us to express comfort and relaxation, but also movement, discovery and excitement. We welcome our clients in a spacious lounge where they can make themselves comfortable and drink a glass of wine.’

Entretien avec l'architecte

What were the needs of the owners?

The owners wanted to construct a cosy and welcoming space, and to evoke the experience of travel by way of meticulous description, research, and attention to detail. Furthermore, the work needs were connected to the need to welcome their clients in a spacious environment, a lounge that was “informal, but not overtly so” where one can make themself at home, perhaps in an armchair while sipping a glass of Malbec di Mendoza.

How did you interpret these needs?

The diverse requirements led to the structuring of this workspace in a special way.
To amplify the sense of welcoming, I prepared a real and proper “living room” in which to make oneself at home, to be able to chat in a friendly and relaxing environment, while for the relaxation area I went with a small spa that faces stylized mountains of Patagonia where one can relax, which both guests and staff can enjoy.

How do the internal architecture and the context in which your project is inserted interplay?

Paola and Roberto are from Turin, but they have a strong love for Argentina. In this project there is a decidedly Sabaudian influence, which is formal and elegant, built on decorum and tradition, that are well matched with the use of the typical raw materials of South America: from the flooring to the fabrics, passing by the hammock; the photographs of their travels and the panoramas of the mountainous chain of Cerro Chaltén.

What are the LAGO elements with which you wanted to transmit the home-like feeling in this project?

The project is strongly tied to the idea of the “at home” feel. Each office space, in the loft of a former home, has a specific function, just as a home houses the various moments of life. The office interprets these moments, and redesigns them with LAGO design. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are functional spaces that capture value for our guests. The two bedrooms have become bright, cosy offices. Finally, the main office has a Colombian hammock, in which to dream and relax during breaks.



Emanuele Franco

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