Lago at Work Palermo @Mosaicoon

The LAGO AT WORK Palermo @Mosaicoon project has been developed in the three levels of the Mosaicoon headquarters, a Sicilian Tech Company leader in video production and distribution on the web. The project involved the basement, ground floor and first floor, for a total of more than 2000 square meters. The LAGO furnishings are present in the operating areas, in executive offices and public areas, with great attention to detail. In all areas the home-like feeling is apparent, which contributes to individual and collective wellbeing.

Pourquoi ils ont choisi Lago

“We wanted to create a unique design project with LAGO in Europe, where the organization of space, the geographical location and the facilities for the team would be tailored to promote the quality of work life for employees. These signals indicate heavy investment in corporate culture and in Sicily “.

Souhaitez-vous décorer votre bureau avec Lago?


Via Artigianato II, 21, 35010 Villa del Conte (PD)

CAP.SOC. 1.000.000,00 i.v. - Reg. Impr. PD - CF e P.I. 01508340286

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