Lago Welcome Milano Navigli

The LAGO WELCOME APARTMENT IN MILANO NAVIGLI is located in the Tortona district, a place full of lively cultural venues right in the centre of the city. The apartment is on the fifth floor of a typical Milanese building; large windows let plenty of natural light into the guest accommodation. The LAGO design was focused on redistributing the kitchen and sitting room spaces, to make them more useable; the existing high quality, traditional furnishings create a pleasing contrast with the modern ones from LAGO, throwing a spotlight on its innovative, modular design.

Por qué eligió Lago

“When I first came across LAGO I was immediately struck by the clean lines and the innovative design. Working with the LAGO designer we tried to create a dialogue between the LAGO furnishings and those the family already had. This experiment has its roots in the past but its gaze directed expectantly and hopefully towards the future.”

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Via Artigianato II, 21, 35010 Villa del Conte (PD)

CAP.SOC. 1.000.000,00 i.v. - Reg. Impr. PD - CF e P.I. 01508340286

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