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The first LAGO LODGE, a luxury residence that brings a Mediterranean air to British nature parks, is taking shape in London


Simon Moir, Director of The Dream Lodge Group, one of the UK’s leading luxury park operators, had a vision of creating luxury lodges with a Mediterranean air and a welcoming, convivial atmosphere in eight splendid British nature parks.

The LAGO interior designers interpreted this brief by translating the casual, welcoming lifestyle of the Mediterranean coast into interiors that foster conversation and interaction and enter into empathy with the surrounding landscape and relaxed mood of the parks.

The warmth of LAGO Wildwood (a specially treated old oak) and the lightness of suspended furnishings create relaxing, comfortable spaces full of charm, brought to life by the lives that unfold within them. The large corner sofa, generous suspended table and island kitchen complete with a bar counter invite sharing ideas and moments, where the real luxury is time spent together. All framed by the relaxing atmosphere of the natural surroundings, which permeate the interiors thanks to the subtle detailing and airy lines of the spaces, from the open-plan living room and the bedrooms to the large bathroom and the terrace.

Luxury and comfort are perfectly expressed in the LAGO LODGE interior, which blends contemporary design and conviviality, putting people and their experience of the space at the centre of the design.


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