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Cup Cafè is on Via Turati in the lively, central part of Milan. The space was planned and designed to look like a home: as well as being a place to have a hot drink Cup Café was also geared to promote friendships and sharing between people. The counter is in fact a real kitchen, while the welcoming, colourful seating area looks like a large sitting room. The LAGO furnishings were chosen to add light and colour, and make it a space full of life.

Por qué eligió Lago

“LAGO allowed us to recreate that feeling of home that we were looking for for our café. Of all the furnishings we particularly like the large Wildwood Air table where you can eat with friends, the Slide sofas that make you feel at home and all the transparent units that let in so much light.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the owners’ requirements?

Using LAGO the owners wanted to create a unique and welcoming café that was like someone’s home. They wanted the Cup Café to be a place that always encourages people to get together and that promotes a meeting of minds.

How do the interior architecture layout and your design work together? What LAGO design elements did you use to inject the feeling of ‘home’ into the design?

A feeling of home was the owner’s must-have feature; so I decided to use the Wildwood oak table to promote get-togethers, and the Slide sofas to give the idea of being in a real sitting rooom.


El arquitecto

Alessandro Corrò

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