Appartamento Lago Milano Loreto

The APPARTAMENTO MILANO LORETO is on the 4th floor of a period block of flats dating back to the 1930s. The apartment boasts large, light spaces with ceilings over three metres high and tall windows; the heart of the apartment is the multifunctional open-plan living space where the whole focus of the home is on welcoming guests. To celebrate the period features, Laura, the tenant, chose LAGO furnishings; the result is a light and airy space where the proportions are very pleasing.

Por qué eligió Lago

I first came across LAGO in 2009 when I visited the LAGO APARTMENT in Milano Brera; later on, a chance to visit the LAGO FACTORY was the deciding factor in my choosing to adopt the LAGO design philosophy for my home, which is also doubles as my workplace and my art studio.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were your requirements?

I wanted to decorate my home in a functional way, so that it could be a living space for my family, and also a place I could work and invite guests to my events and art exhibitions.

How did you achieve your goals?


I decided to divide the open-plan living area into seating area and workspace, but leaving the two connected. To manage this, I used a N.O.W. bookcase, behind which there’s my workspace with an Air table used as a desk. My Slide sofa is the main piece in the seating area and is perfect for family times in the evenings.

How do the interior architecture layout and your design work together? What LAGO design elements did you use to inject the feeling of ‘home’ into the design?

The austere but elegant architecture – typical of the era in which the block I live in was built – contrasts with the contemporary LAGO design that I decided to go for. The professional and personal aspects of the space live side-by-side in a home in which art is the guest of honour, making the space even more welcoming and intriguing.


El arquitecto

Laura Molendini

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