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The Besharat Gallery, an art gallery which houses the works of famous contemporary artists and young talents, was established in Barbizon, city of French pre-impressionism. Five suites are available in this villa-cum-museum, each one is dedicated to one of the artists of the gallery. The artworks, sculptures or paintings that are showcased are created specifically for the space. The LAGO STORE Paris undertook the challenge of decorating the villa offering contemporary furnishings which sit in stark contrast to the traditional framework.

Why they chose Lago

“LAGO is originality, colour, modularity: characteristics that go well with the functional needs and the images of a very particular project. The result of LAGO WELCOME Barbizon is unforgettable, and it enhances the works of the artists through their need for an appropriate and valuable setting.”

Interview with the architect

What were the needs of the owners?

Mr Besharat, the founder and owner of the Gallery, was keen to revolutionise the relationship with the works of art by allowing visitors to experience them more closely. He literally wanted to make visitors feel at home. The aim was to encourage a more direct and intimate relationship with art that wasn’t mediated by the setting of a museum. From this, the five renowned suites were developed, where design becomes an instrument that brings one closer to contemporary art.

How did you interpret these needs?

It was not easy to imagine household furnishings within a context where art and history intertwine so intensely. The rest of the space is already so full of meaning that the design had to facilitate the contents. Playing with the modularity of the LAGO alphabet, we created vibrant and colourful compositions, where the choice of glass and lacquered finishes allows a dialogue with all styles of painting and sculpture.

How do the interior architecture and the context into which you have inserted your project interact? What LAGO elements were used to help transmit the feeling of home into the project?

As a result of the stylistic choices that we implemented to furnish the suites, the result is a space with a strong and experimental identity, an eclectic weave which encourages questions, provides inspiration and stimulates new emotions. This is how it happens, admiring the works inside this contemporary art gallery whilst comfortably seated on an Air sofa, lying on a Fluttua bed or even cooking.

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