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Intelligent home management systems company Nice chose LAGO to furnish TheNicePlace, a 3,000+ sq m space next door to the Oderzo Headquarters. This collaboration between two Italian giants of excellence, brought together by Design Thinking and a shared desire to create added value, created a social hub dedicated to bringing people together and sharing. LAGO designed the ground floor spaces: showroom, café, meeting room and the canteen, where large windows flood the whole interior with light.

Why they chose Lago

“We wanted to enrich our eco-system of stimuli that would no longer just come from factory-made stuff, but rather a renewed ability to think about community would be placed centre-stage. So TheNicePlace was born, a lively open place where LAGO was the ideal design partner.”

Interview with the architect

What were the owner’s requirements?

Nice’s objective was to create a space in which to make community, being together, the focus – their people and their social creativity; so they brought us in to design their company’s social hub.

How did you achieve their goals?

Firstly, we analysed the space and thought about how LAGO design could best facilitate the exchange of ideas among the people who would be using the space.

How do the interior architecture layout and your design work together? What LAGO design elements did you use to inject a feeling of ‘home’ into the design?

To create space continuity between the cafe and the showroom and to encourage social interaction we included a LAGO COMMUNITY TABLE. And to inject a homely feeling we installed a kitchen with Wildwood oak working tops and a large LAGO COMMUNITY SOFA 15 metres long positioned so that staff could enjoy the view over the garden. In the meeting room, on the other hand, we used coloured chairs and bench-style Obeliscus armchairs.


The Architect

Carlo Cretella

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