NEVER STOP LEARNING: Daniele Lago and Pierfrancesco Favino will be talking about learning




NEVER STOP LEARNING: For the Salone Internazionale del Libro, Daniele Lago and Pierfrancesco Favino will be talking about learning

Friday, 13 May at 11.00 am, in the Circolo dei lettori lounge, Daniele Lago and Pierfrancesco Favino will be talking about their vision of learning and the principles that bind two apparently distant worlds

Turin, 13th May 2016

What do a designer/entrepreneur and an actor of international fame have in common? What was the spark that brought two apparently distant worlds together to create a virtuous circle?

These are just two of the questions that Daniele Lago, LAGO Chief Executive and Head of Design ​and Pierfrancesco Favino, director of the Oltrarno scuola di Alta Formazione per Attori del Teatro della Toscana, ​will be answering at the Salone Internazionale del Libro, Friday 13 May at 11.00 am in the Circolo dei lettori lounge (Pav. 5 – Stand W10), around a LAGO COMMUNITY TABLE​, a table that, as designed matter, serves the people and things around it, becoming a theatre of exchange, conviviality and sociality in order to make new connections and create interesting new circuits of communication.

Moderated by Maurizia Rebola​, director of the Circolo dei lettori, Lago and Favino will talk about their vision of learning and the nature of their connection which – inspired by shared faith in young people, who are for both the future of Italy – led to the founding, last December, of the Oltrarno school in Florence.

For both, it is only through knowledge that we can create a future of positive relationships inspired by dialogue and opportunity for collaboration. ​This synergy, nourished by a healthy curiosity about others, creates extraordinary situations made up of multiple worlds that intertwine and influence each other in a virtuous circle.

The Oltrarno school of Florence, the first step of what is hoped will be a long journey, is a new model for education: completely free and dedicated to young actors, it is a place where design and culture are tools for activating vital situations. The driving force is empathy​: the spark that puts people in relation, feeling and discovering real needs, the base and departure point for discovery and, therefore, learning.

For LAGO – a leading company in the production of furnishings and the holistic design of all living spaces / a leading company in the holistic design of all living spaces and in the production of design furnishings – the concept of continuous and proactive learning is primary and central. With the slogan NEVER STOP​, introduced at the recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the company aims to awaken and stimulate an aptitude for research, exploration and the desire to be always learning something new.

Relationships between individuals are critical for activating knowledge, but, ​for LAGO, the relationship between places and individuals is, too​: when spaces are well-designed, they contribute in a determinate way to improving people’s lives and stimulating their creativity and capacity for relationships.

In this context, LAGO design becomes a tool for social change, a real means for listening and creating new ideas that can stimulate readiness to learn and thus foster relationships and the sharing of knowledge.

It is no accident​, therefore, that the discussion event on 13 May – for which registration is required – will be taking place ​in the Circolo dei lettori’s space at the fair. The lounge at the Salone, as well as the organisation’s premises at Via Bogino 9 in Turin, have long illustrated how LAGO design fosters connections between individuals and generates empathy. ​Further illustration of this is the large community gravitating around LAGO which, in addition to its in-person connections, has more than 700,000 contacts on Facebook and the company’s other social networks.


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